alzeimer's cure
Word game covers 50000 words and abbreviations. It calls your remembering function that is very important for alzheimer’s disase. And it is reflexive game that you can also play against time but it is not so quick that every child can also play for learning words. DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE PLAY
Multi Counter Expert
Multi Counter Expert is designed for efficient usage for anyone. YOU CAN SHARE/SEND RESULTS TO ANYONE!!!! DOWNLOAD It remembers last count. Customizable Item Names. Negative Counting for Corrections. And you can share or send results to anyone by email, sms, or share google drive etc. Bird Counting Package Counting Parcel Counting Vehicle Counting People Counting Count Everything and Share Them Counter, Mal Sayımı, عداد, کاؤنٹر, काउंटर, 计数器, Счетчик, mostrador,  dhikr,  rosary, Sayaç DOWNLOAD   DOWNLOAD
This was my old and lost paper recently found. Many people ask me that and now one can download it. Node-ID Based Non-Recursive Flood Fill Algorithm For Non-Uniform Discrete Solid Domains 3D Flood fill algorithm is one of the compulsory algorithms which are used in many mechanical based problems in reverse engineering and bioengineering fields. Especially, It is impossible to solve eigenvalue problems in mechanical sciences when the application of voxel based finite element methods to geometries with unwanted islands or disconnected parts. Proposed method of this study is different from the approaches in the literature and can apply by only using node numbers of
I publish my works related with trabecular bone structure but many of other works bored me and I gave up them. This some samples of images from my unpublished works related with reverse engineering and micro Finite Element Models.                      
This is short user manual for Tactical Navigation System Pro and Compass Plus, GPS Map Marker & Compass, Military Compass Pro. Android Programming Neither My Subject Nor My Job. It is one my hobby. This tool is very powerfull features especially people loves rural, jungle, urban, desert etc. places. You can export/import all GPS and location data. You can share them all.   Download Tactical Navigation System Pro Download Military Compass Pro Download GPS Map Marker & Compass Download Compass Plus Some people need to reach somewhere without depending certain ways for instance cyclists, pedestrians, runners, walkers, hikers etc. Or sometimes places has no ways like jungles, deserts, forests, mountains, or
Gokhan’s Bi-Symmetric Unit 3D Printable Object  Now I am holiday until end of August but I will try to share My 3D files. You can print or use this sympathetic unit. This image rended version here. You can find download link below. Downloadable STL That I give you is sized 3.1 Mb as in RAR file format.  Have Nice Days. Assoc. Prof. ALTINTAS DOWNLOAD Gokhan’s Bi-Symmetric
3D Printable Love Heart for People of 3DP World You can download 3D Printable Heart, You can find link below. I advice you to print it on base plate. Original printable OBJ file is 66Mb, I give you Zipped ver with size 6.7 Mb. You can easily convert it to STL format, If your 3dp does not accept obj file format… Have a nice days.  Download 3DP Heart OBJ
Art Face 3D Printable Object  Sometimes I find and save artistic elements from web. I do not remember  source of below picture. I use it for generating 3D printable object. You can see printable OBJ file link below. Remember before downloading original OBJ file Size is 461 Mb, Zip version that you can download is 49 Mb. Find Download Link Below. DOWNLOAD 3D PRINTABLE OBJ FILE
3D ELEMENT MODEL OF THE FUNNY CRASH GAME I do not know to use artistic design tools :). But I can use Engineering tools due to my subject. In Funny Crash game, all objects really 3D objects not Photoshop based design. You can download 3D obj file you can convert is STL or print it. The object has two different mesh file with intersection. You can test it for print. You can find download link below. DOWNLOAD 3D OBJECT FUNNY CRASH GAME IN GOOGLE PLAY MARKET
Simple Klein Bottle I give Simple Klein Bottle 3D Model here. Mesh is not optimized for 3D printing but it can also download and be usable. You can find basic information about Klein Bottle here. Surface is smoothing but mesh is not optimized for FEA. Ask me if you need mechanical analysis.  Download 3D STL file link below. Close view for Mesh. You can see heterogeneous mesh here.  Rended Model of the Klein bottle. DOWNLOAD KLEIN BOTTLE 3D STL FILE